Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snoop Dogg speaks on the "Mr. Officer" track

Dubcnn: *laughs* Alright! Now we got another throwback question! Many people know that the song "Mr. Officer (Crooked Officer)", which appeared on the Geto Boys album, was going to be a song from the Chronic. How did it end up on the Geto Boys album?

Basically, that song... Big Mike had created that song! It was a Convict song, the group was called the Convicts! Big Mike and Lord 3-2, that was the act from Houston that Suge was gonna sign. Actually, Big Mike had created that song "Mr. Officer", we did that song late night one night, me, Lord 3-2, Big Mike and Warren G had produced it. So Dr. Dre heard it, flipped it, took it, made it his shit, but then he didn't really like it like that. Big Mike took it back to Rap-A-Lot, and the Geto Boys did it, cause he was the new Geto Boy. Does it make sense now?

Dubcnn: Yeah, I guess. Shit, I still would like to hear that version though, it probably don't even exist anymore, huh.

Shit, it probably exists! But who owns the masters to all that Death Row shit? It's a bunch of songs that we did that was dope as fuck that never came out that nobody never heard, that used to just be party classics! And I say that because Dre used to have parties every friday at his house, and we had certain records that we would just play strictly at these parties! And they never made them real records, we just did the songs in the back, and whenever the party got cracking we popped this record on, and muthafuckas would get to grooving! Bam, boom, that just was a party classic!

Geto Boys; Crooked Officer