Sunday, March 14, 2010

J.J. Fad: Anotha Ho (12") (1987) Roxanne Shanté, Sparky D, Howee Tee and Salt 'N' Pepa. diss

The "average" J.J. Fad fan will probably tell you that there were three females in the group and they got started in 1988.
The "true" J.J. Fad fan (such as myself) will tell you that the two original members were MC J.B. (Juana Michelle Burns) and Baby-D (Dania Maria Birks).
They held auditions in MC J.B.'s den in Rialto, California where she grew up.
They soon had three additional members in the group (Anna Cash, Fatima Shaheed and Juanita A. Lee).
Their group name was, at that time, an acronym of each of their first initials.

They cut a record in 1987 called Anotha Ho which took jabs at east coast artists such as
Roxanne Shanté, Sparky D, Howee Tee and Salt 'N' Pepa.
This 12" also had the radio version on the b-side as well as the original version of Supersonic.

This group arrangement did not work out.
Eventually, the three additional members left the group and it was back down to the two sisters (sisters by blood-).
Somebody (the name escapes me at the moment) introduced them to Michelle Franklin (Sassy C) and they were then a trio.
They also replaced Anna Cash (the former DJ) with DJ Train (later a member of C.P.O.) as their DJ, but was never officially a member.
They remixed the acronym now meaning Just Jammin' Fresh And Def.
This is evident on the remix of Supersonic (not labeled as a remix but it's not the original).
This is the version that most people are familiar with.

I really like this record for several reasons. It is the only single with the original J.J. Fad.
The original version of Supersonic is much harder to come by rather than the remixed version.
If you listen closely, the original has a very slightly different sound which sounds better in my opinion.

Anotha Ho Roxanne Shanté, Sparky D, Howee Tee and Salt 'N' Pepa. diss


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