Saturday, December 18, 2010

Murs speak on I Used To Love Her [again]
One of my favorite joints from the album
is the track I Used To Love Her Again.
What sparked you to do that song and
how has the feedback been from it?

It has been great.
There were some sample clearing issues but
other than that the reaction has been great.
A couple people said that it can’t be done better,
but I don’t think that is the purpose to cover a song.
Especially in rap, but for that song,
that is how it came out and it was something
that I wanted to do for a while.

Also artists cover enough rap songs
to keep them current and alive.
As far as creating a rap standard, and now there
are not alot of songs like that in rap
and everyone wants to do something original and new.
Very few are doing things to pay homage
and with the west coast,that song has always
been a little sketchy (I Used To Love Her).

I never took offense to it,
but it created a big rift between Ice Cube and Common,
2 of my favorite rappers.
I felt like this track was a healing so to speak
and also seeing the Dark Knight aspect to it.
Common had become, for all lack of
better terms, the new Ice Cube.
Because he was the most successful
rapper from that generation.

People go at Common
to make another Resurrection
like people go at Cube
to make another Death Certificate.
I always wondered if Common
would ever think he would be in that position.