Sunday, December 5, 2010

illuminati2g interview with Jayo Felony December 2010

I2G sat down with with the one and only, Jayo Felony, for a in depth interview. I for one was hyped to hear some new Felony after his dope guest appearance on Ice Cube’s song, In California on his I Am The West album. We discuss what Bullet Loco has been up to the past few years along with his upcoming projects and a certain west coast supergroup he is a part of NOT named The Rifleman. We also get into his favorite tracks from his albums and much more so check it out.

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Illuminati 2G is here with Jayo Felony, how’s it going?

Alright bro, what’s up, how you doing?

Good. First question right off the bat, what have you been up to the past couple of years? I seen you did the In California track with Ice Cube and WC on Cube’s new album.

Well right now I am working on a new mixtape that I am releasing in January. At the same time I am working on my new album, so I have some fire coming for 2011. I am also working on and I am a part of a new group called First Generation.

The group is myself, King Tee, Kurupt, Gangsta from the Comrads, and MC Eiht. Snoop and Too $hort are involved with it as well, so it is going to be a big project. I am back on the map man, I was locked up for a minute so I am just getting back on the scene and putting out some new music and feed the fans.

How did the First Generation group come together?

It was about the west coast just coming together and showing unity. We were in the studio making records and my boy Chill from Compton’s Most Wanted put it together and got Sir Jinx involved with it. Music is coming out tight and we will probably have a album worth of material in about a week.

Do you have a projected release date for the project?

We will drop that no later then February. The project will be done and ready no later then this month so we looking at dropping it in mid February. It’s going to be off the hook though.

So what’s up next for you as far as your label Loco Entertainment?

The first thing from the label will be my mixtape. It is all original music and it is called No Tolerance and after that I have my new album dropping called Hood Invasion Volume 1. Sir Jinx is helping me put that together so I got alot of stuff going on and I am just glad to be back on the scene and ready to drop some new material.

Alot of people have not heard from ya Loc in a while so I am just trying to give them what they want.

So is the Don’t Get Meatballed album been scrapped or are you still planning on releasing that as well?

Yeah I still have the album and the title track so I still got that project set aside for right now but I want to drop this Hood Invasion 1 and 2 just to get some music out there to my folks and then come with something else.

The thing is I just want to drop consecutive records like I never had a chance to do and I am glad I am able to do that in my own situation, Loco Entertainment. Just going to keep pushing forward and showcase new talent, I got my boy Baby Down on the label and just bring that new heat for 2011.

I wanted to just take a minute to go over your albums in your catalog and just your favorite tracks or moments from your albums. First one is Take A Ride.

I like when Sherm Sticc came out off of that album. It’s crazy that everyone was talking about weed at the time and I came out with that. Actually we were going to do a remix with Snoop and him and the Dogg Pound came to my video shoot.

That was around the time I was working with Jam Master Jay, rest in peace. I was just getting started in the game and they already heard the song and liked it. It is crazy to me that people love that song, it is a underground classic. I had alot of fun making that record and The Loc Is On His Own and the video with that, as well as the Brothas & Sistas record and the video for the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack.

That Take a Ride album was fun to make as well as Whatcha Gonna Do. I got DMX on the Whatcha Gonna Do song and it was originally supposed to be myself, Ol Dirty Bastard and Method Man. DMX took Dirty’s spot because Ol Dirty’s verse was not appropriate for the song because he was talking about sodomizing girls and shit like that.

Oh wow.

I could not put that out on my single so DMX came and plus Dirty was trying to charge alot of money for his verse and DMX was hot at the time and he came and laced it for a little bit of nothing.

That is what made the record and I was happy about that situation too when I made that.

How did the remix come together with you, Redman, WC and Mack 10 for Whatcha Gonna Do?

I remember making that too and all of us being in the lab together, east and west coast coming together. That was alot of fun too dealing with Redman because I have been knowing him for a long time, since I first got started.

I was on Method Man and Redman’s first tour so it was a honor to get everyone on that track to collaborate with me.

What was your favorite track on Underground?

That was a record that was not even supposed to come out. That was alot of material I was working on during making Whatcha Gonna Do and I left the songs at the studio and someone took the records and put a record together and put it out.

I remember the song Du Lo Gang, that was one of the tightest songs on there, but those songs were never supposed to be released actually. I actually had my lawyer take that record off the shelves, but that was one that slipped through the cracks.

What ever happened to the Hotter Than Fish Grease album? I know the title track ended up on Crip Hop.

That actually came out to be the Crip Hop album. I was on Def Jam and at that time I did not want to be there anymore and that was the name of the album when I was signed there. When I lefted the company, the name of the album became Crip Hop and the title track stayed on the album. Crip Hop was Hotter Then Fish Grease.

What is your favorite track off of Crip Hop?

Probably C Walk & Skip and Do You Love Life, and She Love Me, which I had a video for with my homie Young Nube. I had alot of fun making Crip Hop because it was my first independent record and it gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do and it did well for a independent album.

It was good to do my own thing without worrying about label politics. I am doing a Crip Hop 2 real soon so ya boy is going to be dropping projects so I am just thankful to be back out on the scene and have fun with it and start the second chapter of my career.

I would have to say my favorites off of that is One Shot Kill, Gangbangin Shit with Spice 1 and of all the Sherm Sticc songs, that third one is probably my favorite.

(laughs) oh yeah that song was off the hook. In My Boxers and Chuck Taylors that was bangin too. What you know about that? (laughs). Yeah those were tight.

J Silva a couple years ago was advertising a album with you called Still Trued Up. Do you know if that will ever drop?

That was more of a mixtape then anything else. I was freestyling over alot of different beats that he had. I don’t know if he is still putting it out but he can put it out whenever he wants. That is my boy though and that project actually turned out pretty tight.

But ya boy is definitely back on the scene with this new mixtape, No Tolerance. All original beats, not rapping over other peoples beats.

Do you have a release date for No Tolerance?

Yeah it is coming out in January. I got in contact with DJ Kay Slay and he might put it together for me. I am ready to work and ready to be heard again mayne. I am ready to have fun and put out some up and coming talent and get back to doing what I do best.

Do you still keep in contact with the Du Lo Gang and are you going to drop their album?

Yeah I always stay in contact with my boy Ray Dog, he has been down since day one. Working as I said earlier with Baby Down and my boy Crook, who was on the Hotter Then Fish Grease song with me, he is off the hook.

I got some young talent in Los Angeles and some cats in San Diego that I want to work with, get back cracking with the 619.

What is your thoughts right now on west coast hip hop?

I feel like it is going to be a powerful thing because alot of the guys are coming together as far as Crips and Bloods. Everybody is trying to come together to make music and settle their differences.

If you got a beef with someone, get it squashed or take it from the shoulders and do whatever it takes to get it out of the way so we can move forward and be stronger as a whole. All the bickering and the beefs from 50 miles away ain’t cutting it for nobody man.

As far as these so called beefs over the internet, that is bullshit what some cats is doing and we are trying to aleviate all that and move forward. I feel like we are going to be strong in 2011 and a gang of people dropping solo projects and group projects together.

Even everyone that is involved with this First Generation. It is crazy when you have rappers like King Tee, Kurupt, Gangsta from The Comrads, MC Eiht, Ras Kass, Ice Cube, Snoop, Too $hort be a part of it, it shows unity and that the west is coming together.

Unity is not where it stops at. I want to see everyone come together, from down south to east coast and just make music as a whole and stop separating different regions so it ain’t no tension with none of us. It is about all of us coming together at the end of the day.

I know you mentioned years ago you and Scarface doing a album together. Did anything materialize out of that or are you guys still in talks of doing that?

Yeah Face my folks, always will be. He had the group The Product come out with my boy Malice and he is the G homie so anything that we could do together would be a blessing. Ain’t no telling what the future holds so whatever we can do, I am always here. Ain’t no telling what is going to happen once I get back out there.

I like collaboration projects, like the one with The Rifleman. Face said that he wanted to be down with that as well, so hopefully we can still put that together once Prodigy gets out along with Havoc, Kurupt and 40 Glocc. It is going to be some great things going down in 2011.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

I have a show coming up in Denver in 2 weeks, I got a show coming up and a talent show a couple days before Christmas. So I will be out there in that snow and then I will be back on this side in Cali and on the 3rd of January I got a show with Kurupt and them.

What is your website information?

Well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. I must say it is always good to hear some new Jayo Felony man. I have been a big fan since Take A Ride and followed you all through out your career so it is really good to know you hitting the fans back with some new music.

Definitely bro, I appreciate you for having me and I appreciate you for supporting my music. It will definitely be worth the wait, and it aint like the sound will be…, I am definitely keeping up with the times and I feel like I am dope as ever. I am thankful to be a part of what is going on here on the west coast and look to be a big part of the new movement that we have going on and just look to me putting out consecutive music. Back to back like I have never had a chance to do in my career. I am dropping 2 albums next year and a mixtape, so I am coming out with alot of material, something I could not do when I was signed to a major label.

Is there any last words before I let you go?

I want to say much love to everybody out there, west coast, down south, midwest and the east. Watch out for this new music, Loco Entertainment, we gonna be major in this game. West coast stand up, Jayo Felony in the building!

Appreciate your time.

Appreciate you for having me bro, you won’t be disappointed.