Saturday, February 26, 2011

WC speaks on status of Westside Connection (2011)

Have you and Cube ever thought about
maybe getting together and maybe doing a duo album?

We talked about it, but at the same time
we know that is close to being
a Westside Connection album.
It has to be something special as
opposed to me and Cube just doing a album together,
it has to be something special.
What I would do in a situation like
that is turn around and ask the fans,
besides just Dub and Cube rapping,
what would you want to hear?

Would you want to hear us get political,
you want to hear some street shit,
would you want to hear a hip hop oriented album?
What kind of album would you be
looking for in todays time?
That is not a Westside Connection record.
Do you have the answer?

I don’t have the answer.
I am still waiting on the reunion with
Mack 10, Ice Cube and WC.

EXACTLY, the whole shebang.
I know everyone is out there doing
they own thing but that whole
Westside Connection situation,
I am not going to say the door is shut on it,
and I will keep it real with you in this interview,
the door is not shut on that at all,
you never know,
but right now I don’t see it happening.

I remember the track
Get Used To It came out with you,
Game and Ice Cube on Raw Footage and
there was even rumors of
Game joining Westside Connection.
I think those 3
in a group would be a incredible album,
just name the group something else.
There is no Westside Connection without Mack 10.
Have you guys ever talked about that?

You know…, shit I ain’t mad at you.
I feel the same way but you can’t
dictate other peoples schedules,
Cube is a busy man and
Game is a individual that does Game.
He has alot of shit booked up as well.
I am always trying to make some
different shit happen so I don’t know
exactly what is going on with their scheduling.

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