Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I2G interview with Knoc-Turn'al ("Talks Dr. Dre & Detox Pressures")

I2G is back in the mix with part 2 of our interview with Knoc-Turn’al. In this segment we talk in depth about Dr. Dre and Detox and the sway in anticipation people are having on the project. Knoc keeps it real on the subject as well as Mathmadix, his brother Jaguar, Noah Jones and much more so check it out. To peep part one, click on the link below.

Knoc-Turn’al Interview Part 1

You have been a long time collaborator with Dr. Dre. Out of all the tracks that you have done with him, what is your favorite?

Oh the one that put me on the map of course, Bad Intentions. Because that was something that I never expected to happen because it was for a movie with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre and why would I think that I am going to get the first single off of it when I am just a ghost writer for Dr. Dre?

Of course I was on The Chronic, the fourth song doing hooks and writing for it and the background. But with The Wash, they told me oh we are shooting your video with Dr. Dre next week. I was like what are you serious? They was like yeah that is the video that Dre said he wants to shoot. I thank Dre and I thank God for that, because that was the first of something of that magnitude of my career.

What’s your thoughts right now on Detox? I know you worked with Dre on the 2001 album and people constantly say that it is taking him a long time to finish it.

People do not understand what Dre goes through. I understand the concept is 12 songs and some interludes and intros, but Dre is a perfectionist. If there is a hair out of line, a molecule out of line, he is going to fix it and he will sit there until it gets fixed. People also do not understand the amount of business that he takes care of everyday. How many artists that he has put in the game that he still takes care of everyday. He does not turn his back on people unless they turn they back on him.

He is a selfless person, even though he has more than made his money in this industry, he still remains the same. I don’t understand the criticism for Dre and from the fans standpoint there is always that I want another Dre album, but he also has alot of other things in business that he has to take care of too. I am not making excuses for him but at the same time.., well I got to revert back to this, understand that he lost his son.

His junie, right in the middle of him making Detox. His junebug, which is his junior. Andre Jr., understand that, before you criticize the man, and it was right in the middle of him making Detox. Now if you lose your son, who is your junior and then turn around and sayI am going to put a album out next month and I am going to do a tour, that is not something that is easy to do.

I understand fans that say well you gotta keep pushing, well lose your son and say that.


And on top of that, the man has grandchildren, and I am not saying he is old, but he has other responsibilites as well. I say to any fan that is criticizing Dr. Dre for not putting this album out, lose your son and then say that. Let me see you put a album out a year after that, because that is not possible. That messes you up to raise a son and he is 17 years old and then dies. He already lost his little brother at a young age because some people wanted to beat him up and that is what the last song on 2001 is about.

As much as he achieves, you can never get back your family. Fuck the mic, people go through shit, even in football when a player loses someone in they family, the team gives them leave. Why can’t people understand that Dre is taking as many losses as he is gains and it ain’t about Detox. He said he wanted to do Detox for a simple reason, he is tired of inspiring the world to do evil.

He is feeling like even though you can do what you want to do, don’t overdo it. You got to have a balance with what is going on, and you don’t want to have your ultimate claim to fame be that well I made everyone smoke weed. He is trying to revert that and make everyone understand that there is 2 options, and he won’t even allow you to smoke or drink anymore in the studio.

What you do on your time, is your time. He has a whole other focus right now and I don’t think people understand how Dre’s mind works. When he has a mission, and he really means something, he REALLY means it. He is a perfectionist, so you can’t go in there and pussy foot and half ass it with him. You will get Deboed out the studio, and all he will say is thank you very much, I am going to move on to this next thing so I will call you when I need you. Basically you just fucked up because you did not do your job.

He will call you out of the vocal booth and he won’t even let you finish your verse. If he don’t like it, and he will give you a couple chances to re write, and he will go to the next person and if he comes back to you and you keep messing up, it is going to be a problem. He is like I saw something in you but maybe it was not enough, I will holla at you later when you increase your talent.

That’s some real talk. What is the status as far as L.A. Confidential the group? Will you guys get back together and do you keep in contact with everyone in the group?

I keep in contact with Timebomb and Slip Capone. The status on that is there was a bunch of things going on as far as issues with payment of course and that is why I stepped away. It is a complex situation to the point where it was better for me to walk away then to stay there and that also gets back to me saying that I needed to take a step back and think about my family. Even though I could have kept eating but if it is a situation to where it is not looking good, and you are creating a bunch of chaos around the nation and around the world, then it is not good.

Because I am not here to promote that, I am here to promote me and to have a good time and I am not here to be fighting with different people in different cities. I ain’t saying that I picked up a Bible, I am still me, it feels good to be a gangster but it hurts to be hurt again. I grew up on the streets, I am a block baby, and I did not come into the music business to continue to be a block baby. I came into this industry to help pull some of my people off the block and get them paid so I do not have to see all this killing, going to funerals, mothers crying.

I am trying to better people in my neighborhood, and if I can’t do that then we revert back to square one when I said earlier that you are just a preacher preaching bullshit. I did this not just for me, I did this for my peoples, my family. I did not come from a silver spoons generation, and you have these people coming up now, they are the sons or nephews and daughters and nieces of people in high power. No disrespect but chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side what is that?


You don’t think that is someone in power that did that? Who releases a song like that? Even if he did eat some chicken noodle soup, you would not have it with a soda. Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side, you would not do that. It does not make sense, and if you need chicken noodle soup that means that you are sick!


It does not even make sense man, who just eats chicken noodle soup all the time and a soda? I could see if she said Top Ramen but she talking about Campbells.


Another group that you work heavily with is Mathmadix. What is the latest status on the group?

Oh yeah they are doing a whole lot bruh. I have been working with them for about 6 years before I calmed down a little bit and dealt with my own personal issues. One of my own personal issues was as many people know is drinking. I am not drinking anymore and I am getting my levelheadedness to myself to make sure I stay in tune. Like Katt Williams said, you got to stay in tune with your star player.

What Mathmadix is doing is they are waiting to ride the wave and they are doing everything that they need to be doing to be patient. You got Knawledg, J Beam, Ripacut, Jaguar, Jamen, and AJ Almighty. We just trying to collectively, the whole thing why I made the group Mathmadix, was to say that it all adds up. The symbols, the logo, everything there is nothing that takes away from it. We don’t use any minus signs, division or anything like that in the logo, everything is a positive and gaining sign.

They doing shows and they are doing what they need to be doing and making sure that they stay humble. That is the key to this game, you have to stay humble. If you don’t remain humble, someone will blackball you and forcefully humble you real quick like and crumble you up like a piece of paper and throw you in the trash. If it was not for the fact that I remained humble, even though I was a alcoholic, you would not be talking to me on the phone right now.

I interviewed Noah Jones a few months back and he mentioned that you, Jaguar and himself knocked around the idea of doing a group album. Are you guys still looking to do that?

Yeah but as of right now, one things for sure is I got alot of things on my plate. Jaguar and Noah Jones have the capabilities of doing most of the work on their own and they doing what they need to do, and all they need to do is send me, and I hate to make myself sound like Dr. Dre with this, but they can send me the music like Dre and I will be in the song where I need to be at and do it.

I have been in the studio with both of them a couple of times and I know they know what they are doing. Technology is not what it was when I first started 11 years ago, now you can send someone a track and it comes out fine. Back then we was using 2 inch reels, now you don’t even have to be in the studio with somebody. But I know that Noah Jones and Jaguar need to create a bond with amongst themselves to where they ping pong and it is steel that sharpens steel. They need to get together and do that and let me finish it.

I have done about 5 songs with them already, and I don’t persay want to be all over the album anyway. I have proven myself to the world, I am a global artist and I thank God for that, but I want them to prove themselves to the world. So I can’t sit there and hold they hand on that project, but I will say that they are ready.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Right now, well I just had a show out in Phoenix a couple weeks ago but right now my main focus is to go around to these radio stations and go on promo, which alot of artists do not do anymore. I am going to go on a promo tour and I am going to go around to these radio stations and talk to people. Try to enlighten people on being positive instead of being negative. Because I have been on both sides of the world and one thing for sure is, I have even tried to straddle the fence and that does not work.

Positivity creates positivity, it is all energy. If you want to be negative, some negative shit is going to come your way. So just expect it, it is up to you, and it is a choice you were given by the grace of God, so people need to understand the choices that God has given them. Ok some people think they cool because they are being negative but some negative shit is going to come your way.

So expect it, and if you choose to be on a more positive note, but still guard your neck, but don’t try to be something that you are not. You got alot of these people out here right now that are doing that. You got alot of people walking around saying that they are gangsters but they walking around in skinny jeans. How can you fight in skinny jeans?


You can’t fight in those, you better go find a skateboard. There is a reason why we used to sag, so we have leeway to squab. That is where sagging came from, so we could fight. We did not want no 501′s because you can’t move around like you want to. It is a reason why when you look at the UFC, they might have some little tights on and it might look gay but they can squab.


You can’t fight with skinny jeans on, you gonna get your ass whooped. All I have to do is trip you.


You take a step back, I am going to trip you and you will fall. It’s too tight and below your ass and you have a little bitty ass shirt, you are going to fall. I don’t knock the style, that is the younger generation. But don’t call yourself a gangster when you are not. Because really that style came from skateboarders, so call yourself that and pick up a skateboard.

What is your website information?, Also they can contact my man Lunatic, who hooked up this interview as well and talk to him.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. I have been a big fan of yours since you first came out and I used to have conversations with Lunatic a couple years ago before you 2 even linked up about how much we enjoy your music and it is good to have you back.

When you had me then, I was 75%, because I was always blitzed (laughs). This time you got me back and one thing is for sure, I am 110%. So it is going to be a great ride and I appreciate you for having me on Illuminati 2G and I also appreciate the fans that have been waiting. I appreciate that people still know who I am after 5 years, because some people walk down the street and hope someone recognizes them. It’s a good thing and I appreciate it.

Any last words before I let you go?

Yeah go get Knoc’sVille. 11/9/10, one thing for sure is ya boy is back.