Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold 187um had a production deal with Aftermath?


4. Another crazy story about that Po' Broke and Lonely album is that the reason Eazy-E ended up releasing it is during the lawyer wars between Interscope and Ruthless, one of the arrangements for Dr. Dre leaving, he would have to turn in a final project and help with one song for Above The Law's Black Mafia Life album.
So Dre, to be a dick, turned in the Po' Broke and Lonely album with him promoting his new label (Death Row) on the intro.
In turn, Eazy to be a dick back, bleeped that shit.
However, Dre got Ruthless at the end--check this out.
When Dre went to the studio to help with that Above The Law song,
Cold 187um made the mistake of letting Dre hear the whole album.
That's where 187 says Dr. Dre "stole" some ideas and he's got some pretty good proof.
If you listen to the Black Mafia Life album, there are 3-4 songs where Dre just happened to use the same sample
(including Let Me Ride, Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat, etc.).
Now if it was just a Scartch sample or something simple that was the same that's no problem,
but Dre basically used the same main loop of the songs.

One last thing is if you own the promo tape to the Black Mafia Life album,
the outro was originally titled The Chronic Outro. Listen to that track.

They are talking about smoking chronic--and remember 187 said in a interview that Snoop was about to sign with Above The Law, but Dre snatched him up.
That's why 187 was so hurt and let Dre have it on Kokane's song
Don't Bite The Phunk which is one of the best diss songs of all time.
As scary, crazy or however you may describe it as it may be,
187 basically predicted the future and the fall of Death Row when Death Row was on top.
But Dre made it up to Big Hutch.

Around the time Dre left Death Row to form Aftermath, he brought 187 in as a producer and,
believe it or not, 187 produced most of the first Eve album when she was first at
Aftermath around 97-98 along with Mel-Man.

"Cold 187um" production deal Aftermath "Po' Broke and Lonely" "Eazy-E" Ruthless "Dr. Dre" "Black Mafia Life"